About Us

What began as a small two person startup operation for part of our management team in 2003, Attentus has quickly grown into a leading nationwide manufacturer and distributor of medical and packaging products specifically designed to service the Home Infusion, Specialty Pharmacy, Long Term Care, Closed Door Pharmacy, Home Respiratory, HME, and EMS Markets.

Attentus was founded on the core philosophy that we would be more than just a company that sells products, or a “box mover”, a company that just moves boxes from our warehouse to yours. We would become experts in our field, not only on the products themselves, but experts regarding the industry and customers that we service. We would be a resource for knowledge and an industry leader in bringing and developing new technologies and logistical solutions to our customer base. The key ingredient to this philosophy, and to our success, is the ability to listen to the real experts, our clients and manufacturer partners. With their wealth of knowledge we can together strategize to find a solution that works for all of us. What Attentus has become is just that; an extension of our customers organization, a resource and a partner.