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CSP Medium-Risk Level Media Kit

Features & Benefits

-One kit supplies what is needed to test the proficiency of one technician or pharmacist.

-Kits are available for low, medium, and high risk procedures.

-Self-contained ready-to-use kit that includes a results log sheet, diagrams and instructions.

-Expert Technical Support is available from our staff of microbiologists and technicians.

Product Description
CSP Medium-Risk Level Media Kit, Certifies One Technician, 1 ea

Product Number: AMMRK1 Package Size:1 ea

Mop Pad

The Attentus S-Mop System is the ultimate cleanroom mopping tool. The S-Mop system is the first and only recyclable and sterilized cleanroom mopping system available. For each used microfiber mop pad sent back to Attentus for sterilization you will receive a credit towards your next purchase of S-Mop pads. 

  • The S-Mop system consists of three components: a maneuverable, flat, rectangular mop head (AMM700013), microfiber mop pads (AMM813G), and either a telescopic mop pole (AMM700071), or a bucket-less, fluid dispensing mop pole (AMM700090).

  • The S-Mop microfiber mop pads are lint free, ultra absorbent when wet to remove bioburden, and positively charged when dry to attract dust.

  • The S-Mop pads are double bagged and terminally sterilized with Ethylene Oxide (ETO).

  • The S-Mop microfiber mop pads are easily attached and removed by velcro for efficient mopping of floors, walls, and ceilings.

Product Description
Mop Pad, S-Mop Sustainable, 13 Inch, Looped Cleanroom, Environmentally Cleaned With O3, 60/cs

Product Number: AMM813G Package Size:60/cs

Rolling TPN Bag

Attentus Medical, a leader in Home Infusion innovation, is introducing the first and only Rolling TPN Carrier.

- Universal design will accommodate all ambulatory infusion pumps.
- Accommodates up to 4 liters of fluid.
- Sound emitting mesh allows patients and caregivers to hear pump alarms.
- Telescoping handle and durable wheels for easy maneuverability.
- Nylon material will not absorb TPN, Enteral, or other sticky fluids, making it easy to clean.
- Storage pocket for extra supplies.

Here is what your patient's and caregivers are potentially carrying on their back.
- 4 liters of fluid = approximately 9.5 lbs.
- Ambulatory infusion pump = approximately 1.5 lbs.
- Ancillary supplies and tubing = approximately 1 lb.
- Backpack = approximately 1.5 lbs.

That's the equivalent to carrying 17 cans of soda on your back!  Show your patients that you care and help take the load off!

Product Description
Bag, Disposable, 3000ML Capacity w/Wheels, 1/ea

Product Number: AM3000MLWH Package Size:1 ea

Displaying Results 1 to 3 of 3 1